Abbott Awaits

Genre: Fiction

Abbott Awaits by Chris Bachelder is one book that I’ve been anxious to read since it came out last year. Only my busy schedule has kept me from it for so long. My interest in this book began several years ago when I saw Bachelder read from his working draft of this book in 2009. A note about the reading: nearly everybody in the audience was falling out of their chairs because they were laughing so hard–me included. Needless to say, I had some pretty high expectations for this book, knowing that at least some of them had already been met. And to my delight, the rest of the book did not disappoint.

Abbott Awaits is about a man in his mid thirties who works at the university and is currently on summer break. It’s a book where more or less nothing really happens, but it gives the reader the chance to learn about Abbott as a person, the way he views the world, and the way he views his life. Sections of the book, as mentioned earlier, are laugh out loud funny. Others are depressing, as the audience can’t help but wonder if some of Abbott’s dry wit and humor stem from his cynicism and discontentment.

For me, this book explores the relationship between what we show on the outside and how we feel on the inside when it comes to the day-to-day routines we tend to find ourselves in. I think almost anybody would be able to relate to Abbott’s concern that his life isn’t quite what he thought it should be. But does that necessarily mean it’s so bad?


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