By Design – Chapter 4

Last night was the much anticipated Year One event hosted by Walk on Designs. Many in business and popular media have been following this company’s amazing success story over the last year, so there was much speculation regarding what kind of event company founder Eli Walker would be able to put on. Luckily, Mr. Walker did not disappoint those who were rooting for him to put on a good show. Unfortunately, the show was not meant for everyone.

Let me start by saying that on the whole the event was spectacular. As an overall rating, I would give this party and 90%, categories including atmosphere, music, food, and host.

Beginning with atmosphere: Overall, 95%.

The event hall was classy and elegant, but not so much that people were afraid to let their hair down a bit and enjoy themselves. No one seemed to feel much social pressure to act stiff and refined. The mood for the evening was upscale and friendly—a mix that is generally very difficult to pull off.

Next category… Music: 93%

A jazz band was a great pick for the evening, matching the overall atmosphere and mood of the event. The upbeat music had nearly everybody in a good mood. Many of the guests were tapping their toes along to the beat as they carried on their conversations. Albeit, those conversations occasionally got drowned out by a trumpet blast here and there. More than once someone had to shout “What?” into the ear of the person next to them. But generally speaking, the music stayed low enough that it accompanied the evening’s conversation as a nice background music.

My favorite category, food, cannot go undiscussed: 97%

As previous readers are well aware, I am a stickler for food at parties. If it is not up to par, the host can just as well forget about pleasing me. Thankfully, the food provided last night, courtesy of Rachael’s Catering, was to die for. It takes a lot to impress this foodie when it comes to food, but Rachael’s did a fantastic job of creating hors d’oeuvres that fit the mood of the evening as well as the taste of the palate.

And finally… the one you’ve all been waiting for… Host: 75%.

I know many are going to be disappointed by such a rating, but please wait for my justification before you stop reading. Though his good looks and outward charm cannot be denied, Eli Walker’s personality leaves something to be desired.

His main goal for the evening was not making sure his guests were enjoying themselves and feeling welcome. Instead, he was much too focused on making an appearance for the big shots, trying to prove his position among them. Someone from a small media outlet like myself didn’t stand a chance of being noticed. One thing Eli Walker still needs to learn about business in a customer oriented field is that looking down on those who will serve as your clients is not the way to create a positive image for yourself or your company.

I’m sure the people who the show was meant for had a blast and got to see a very cordial and friendly Eli Walker. But for the rest of us, any hope we had of receiving an introduction from the man of the hour was swiftly denied.

One thing I learned from this event: when it comes time to design my own website, I will be taking my business somewhere other than Walk on Design.


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