City Hunter

City Hunter

City Hunter

I have been watching a lot of Asian television dramas lately. This is the influence of a friend who somehow got really interested in Korean dramas about a year ago and has been recommending titles ever since. Of the ones she has recommended, City Hunter is probably my favorite of the Asian TV shows I have seen.

City Hunter is about a young man who has been raised with the sole purpose of taking revenge on several high ranking officials within the Korean government. His father, a special forces team member, was killed by his own country in order to cover up their illegal mission. Our protagonist, Yoon Sung, a.k.a. City Hunter, has been trained since infancy to become the weapon that will avenge those who were killed during that mission.

The show stars Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young as Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Na Na. Kim Na Na is probably one of the best female characters I have seen in a Korean drama. She is feisty, strong, and never just does whatever the leading man tells her to. She wants to make her own way through the world and help the City Hunter in any way she can because she too has her reasons for wanting to get revenge on some of these corrupt government officials.

In all honesty, I have been on a big Lee Min Ho kick lately. And this is the show that started it for me. There is only one way I can describe his character in this show: cool. I especially enjoy the fight scenes in which Yoon Sung moves through a crowd of bad guys, taking each out effortlessly with just his hands and feet as weapons. By the end of the scene, the enemy is spread on the floor and our hero hasn’t even broken a sweat.

I do have to say that Yoon Sung does have a tendency to look very much like a cartoon character at times. Between his hair cut, his wide eyes, and his super skinny frame, there is something about him that doesn’t look quite like a real human being. It is also a bit unbelievable that, with such a distinct look, a small mask that covers his mouth and nose is enough to keep people from realizing he is the City Hunter, but whatever. I guess it is not any less believable than Clark Kent removing his glasses and nobody recognizing him as Superman. That is just how these superhero movies are, I guess.

If I were to recommend a Korean drama, it would surely be this one. Yes, it’s in Korean, but if you don’t mind subtitles, definitely check it out!


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