By Design – Chapter 25

Try as she might, Gracie just could not fall asleep. Instead, she lay in bed wide awake, Eli Walker racing through her mind.

It had been almost two weeks since their unexpected dinner date. She didn’t know why she was keeping track of such things. She kept trying to remind herself that the evening hadn’t been anything of importance to her. They had never really even said it was a date. It was just dinner. But it wasn’t a business dinner; that was certain. So what had it been?
She couldn’t believe that such a trivial thing was keeping her up all night. And this wasn’t the first time the thought of her dinner with Eli Walker had prevented her from sleeping either. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was starting to feel anxious. After all, it had almost been two whole weeks and she hadn’t heard a single word from Walker in all that time. It was starting to bother her.

This was a man who she hadn’t been able to get rid of for the last several months, and now, after she had finally given in to him, he had suddenly disappeared from her life. What was more, she couldn’t figure out why she even cared. Wasn’t this what she had wanted all along, for Eli Walker to disappear? So why couldn’t she get to sleep?

She rolled over in bed and stared up at the ceiling. Had she done something wrong that would have prevented him from wanting to see her again? She tried to think back to the night of their dinner. From what she could recall, they both seemed to have a good time. They were laughing and joking, being much friendlier than they had ever been in the past. It was possible Eli had been faking it all, but he had seemed so sincere. Perhaps she had done something to make him lose interest in her, but she couldn’t think of what that could have been.

She sighed and turned back onto her side. He’s just busy, she told herself. He does have a fast growing company to run. It’s not like he has time to just sit around all day thinking about calling you.

Gracie was surprised at herself. Did she even want Walker to call her? If he asked her out again, would she say yes? The question was enough to send Gracie’s mind reeling. She didn’t even know why she was pretending by continuing to lie in bed. There was no way she was going to get to sleep any time soon. Once again, Eli Walker had managed to throw her day all out of sorts.

One thing was certain: she was definitely going to hear it from Colleen if word ever got around to her that she had been on a date with Eli Walker. Truth be told, Gracie had a feeling Colleen already knew. She kept giving her weird, sideways smiles and nudging her and winking. She hadn’t said anything outright, but she looked like she was trying really hard to hold in a secret that she was dying to share. Gracie had no idea how Colleen could have found out about her dinner with Eli. She certainly hadn’t told anybody about it, and she doubted Colleen had spoken to Eli.

Gracie thought back to her and Colleen’s first conversation about Eli Walker. It had been months ago when she had received the assignment of attending his Year One Celebration. Colleen had praised him so highly based on his looks alone. She hadn’t been all that wrong to do so. He was a handsome man. There was no denying that. But she hadn’t been the only one to express such flattery. It seemed like no one ever had anything bad to say about him.

And then Gracie came along. She had only done her job. She had expressed her true feelings, just as she had always done. But now she was having second thoughts. Perhaps she had judged him too harshly upon their first encounter. He had to have been under a lot of pressure that night; he didn’t have time to talk to everyone there. Maybe she had simply been unwilling to give him the chance he deserved initially. And now, all because of that stupid article, Eli had started to doubt himself.

It wasn’t a good feeling, doubting. She was beginning to figure that out as she tried once again to fall asleep.


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