Heart Shaped Box

I just finished reading my first book of 2016. The book was Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. Now, I’m not one for scary stories (though I handle scary books much better than I do scary films); however, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, even with its ghost story elements. The book is an easy read and entertaining story.

The book follows the story of a man named Jude who was once a great rock star but has been sitting on the back burner for a few years now.  Jude, who has a fascination with the occult, finds a ghost for sale online and jumps at the opportunity to buy it. What he doesn’t realize is that the ghost he purchased is the dead step-father of his ex-girlfriend–a girl who killed herself after he broke up with her. Now, this ghost is determine to make Jude pay for the pain he caused.

The story is fast-paced and offers one event right after the other without much downtime. As far as style is concerned, while reading this book it is not hard to believe that Joe Hill is the son of author Stephen King. The two writing styles are very similar. Also like King, Hill’s characters find themselves in situations that seem unbeatable, mostly because they are faced with villains they don’t quite know how to fight against.

Even though this was a book that I had to read during daylight hours (because, again, I have a heard time with scary things at night), it was a book I really liked. It was a quick, easy read and very entertaining. It might not be a good novel if you are looking for deep meaning, but it’s a great story for passing the time.


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